This Community organizes several seasonal events. Please find descriptions below.

Soup Sunday (March/April)

About 10 years ago Derry had one of those inspirational moments triggered by her mother telling her about the Lenten Lunches which took place in her parish in rural England. “I’m quite sure we could do that,” she thought.

And in true Kaulbachstraße style she announced Soup Sunday at Mass on the following Sunday. She purchased several packets of soup, mixed them together, asked someone to purchase a few rolls and turned up the following Sunday to “sell her soup.”

The premise has always been that this meal of soup and bread should replace Sunday lunch on that day. Soup and bread are unlimited and payment should be based on what it would cost to have eaten Sunday lunch in a restaurant. The money collected goes to support our local outreach programme for refugees and asylum-seekers.

A year later the idea of a Soup Sunday still seemed relevant so we did it again. This time there was a request for homemade soup. Volunteers weren’t slow in coming forward and Soup Sunday started to have a dynamic all its own. Our contact, who works with the refugees, agreed to come and talk to us about the conditions under which the families live and to tell us how she uses our donations. She still comes and it really helps to have someone who can describe what goes on first-hand.

Soup Sunday has become an annual event. It takes place on the fifth Sunday in Lent, (that’s the one before Palm Sunday) and is looked forward to by everyone. Derry is often asked in January when Soup Sunday will be and whether so and so can make soup. This year we had 9 different varieties! The children have their favourites and queue up to make sure they get some. Anything we have leftover (which isn’t much!), gets taken to the Sisters of Charity’s soup kitchen in the city.

Soup Sunday is a true Community event and all for a good cause too.

Contact Person: Ann Garcia

Lent and Holy Week

Our community begins the Lenten season with a Mass and distribution of ashes in the evening on Ash Wednesday. In addition to individual Lenten observances, there is a Lenten Day of Recollection on the Third or Fourth Saturday of Lent. (See Retreats) As part of our community Lenten observance, on the Fifth Sunday we have a Soup Sunday (see above) to support the efforts of Caritas in the Munich refugee community. (See Outreach for more information on the work we do there)

The Triduum observances begin on Holy Thursday evening with a Seder and Eucharist celebration in memory of the Last Supper which tradition tells us was a Passover Seder. After the Seder and Eucharist, we continue with a community meal for which the meat is provided and other dishes are part of a pot-luck.

On Good Friday, we have a Adoration of the Cross and a Communion service at 15:00.

The Easter Vigil service begins at sundown on Holy Saturday with lighting the Easter candle, an Easter procession, followed by the Vigil service and Mass. After the Vigil Mass we gather in the nearby Patres Room to share our favourite baked Easter breads and rolls as well as juice, wine, and soft drinks.

Easter Sunday Mass is at the regular time. Afterwards some members of the community celebrate Easter with a lunch at a nice restaurant.

For more information, please also see our overview of the Holy Week Liturgies in the Kaulbachstraße.

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion – Catholic Mass – 5. April 2020 (Youtube)Holy Thursday of the Lord’s Supper – Catholic Mass – 9. April 2020 (Youtube)
Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion – Catholic Service – 10. April 2020 (Youtube)Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord – Catholic Mass – 12. April 2020 (Youtube)

Contact person: Ann Garcia

 Community birthday party / Thanksgiving dinner

Every year the community celebrates its “birthday” with a pot luck meal on the Friday after American Thanksgiving in November. Since the community first met in the Jesuit house chapel on the first Sunday in Advent, 1971, and the Advent usually begins near American Thanksgiving, we have been combining these two celebrations for the past thirty-eight years. For the past several years we have been able to hold the Thanksgiving party in the Aula of the Berchmanskolleg.

The community as a whole arranges turkeys, and everyone brings a dish or two to pass. Various community members organize games and entertainment, including a piñata, songs and even lively dances. Everyone is welcome, no matter how active they are in the community.

Sign-up sheets go around after Mass in November, and each family is asked to make a small donation to cover the cost of the turkeys.

Contact person: Ann Garcia