About us

A lively and ‘family friendly’ organization, the St. John Berchmans Community was founded in 1971 by a group of Irish and American families to provide an environment where families with children feel welcome, where a real feeling of God’s love is present. They celebrated its first Mass on the First Sunday of Advent in that year and the community is officially recognized by the Bishop as a Mass Center.

A core of about eighty people regularly attend Mass. We also have a core group of English speaking priests that serve the community. Just as our priests come from all corners of the world, so too do our members, joined together by a common desire to celebrate Mass in English in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

As a ‘grass roots’ Community a real feeling of ‘ownership’ is generated where every member’s contribution is valued. Regular monthly meetings are held to help run the Community to which all are invited. We are however indebted to the Jesuits of the Berchmanskolleg for letting us use their Chapel and College facilities of the Munich School of Philosophy, and for providing a fund of visiting priests.

The chapel of the Berchmanskolleg provides a very intimate setting for the celebration of the Mass, where people of all ages are welcome. A special Liturgy of the Word is provided for the children in the sacristy and they are invited to rejoin the rest of the Community at the Offertory. Older children are encouraged to take part in the full Mass.

Whilst receiving the blessing and recognition of the Bishop, our community does not receive any financial support from the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. Activities are supported entirely by the generosity of our members.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join us on Sunday. We look forward to meeting you!