To say that the Sacraments are handled on an ad hoc basis within the community might appear to be flippant. This is in no way the case but in a small group like ours we are able to keep organization informal. The best way to find out about any of the sacraments is to ask at Mass on Sunday. In an emergency, for instance for the sacrament of anointing the sick, please contact one of the priests or send an email to



Over the years we have had all sorts of baptisms – babies, children and adults, total emersion or drops of water over the head. Baptisms in the Kaulbachstra├če are always part of a community Mass, usually on a Sunday but on occasion at the Easter Vigil or other special celebration. Parents are expected to do more than just turn up, but people in the community are happy to help if asked.

Contact person: Ann Garcia or Fr. Andreas/Fr.Christof 


Our priests are always happy to discuss individual confession and reconciliation. As part of the First Communion programme a service of reconciliation usually takes place in January or February and this is open to the whole community. The community meeting my well decide that it is time for a service of reconciliation in which case a small group takes on the organization of the event.
Contact person: Fr. Patrick / Fr. Christof


This sacrament is, of course, central to our faith and as such is celebrated every Sunday at the community Mass. Children, usually around age 8, are prepared for Eucharist over a period of six months. Classes start in September and the celebration of First Communion usually takes place in late April or early May. The whole community is involved and the children are encouraged to become more involved. Classes take place before Mass on Sunday and the children join the congregation at the offertory. Parents take an active part in preparation too and are asked to help with the teaching. The preparation ends with a half-day retreat during which the children share a meal and prepare for the “big” day. The retreat concludes with a family Mass at which the children receive the Eucharist for the first time in the intimate atmosphere of the chapel. About a week later the children reappear in all their finery and the community celebrates First Holy Communion in style. In years when there are no children of the appropriate age the programme doesn’t run. When we have space, we are also happy to extend this programme to children outside the community. If you are interested in registering for our First Communion Programme please do so at Sunday Mass.
Contact people: Cathy Hoelscher


Every other year, or every year if there are enough candidates, a group of young people prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. These young people, practicing Catholics ages thirteen and up, begin their preparation in September and are confirmed in late May or early June. For the past several years, the Archabbot of St. Ottiliens, the mother house of the Missionary Benedictines near Landsberg (German website), has officiated at the Confirmation. The preparation sessions take place after Mass on Sundays. There is one Saturday retreat and a Saturday visit to St. Ottiliens for the Abbot to meet with the candidates. In years when this program take place all eligible candidates are welcome to participate, whether or not they and their families are regular members of the community. If you are interested in receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, please let us know. It is easiest to do so at Sunday Mass.
Contact person: Ann Garcia


There have been several weddings in the Kaulbachstrasse. And if this is the sacrament you are interested in you should speak to one of the priests after Mass on Sunday.
Contact person: Fr. Patrick / Fr. Christof

Anointing of the Sick

This is probably the only sacrament for which there is sometimes no warning. Anyone who wishes to receive the sacrament is welcome to speak to one of the priests. The sacrament can be administered, and has been in the past, as part of the Sunday Mass. In an emergency please call one of the priests (see the community contact list) or send an email to (could take longer for a response!)
Contact person: Fr. Patrick / Fr. Christof

Holy Orders

As far as I remember we haven’t had one of those in the community. But there’s always a first time! Please contact a priest after Mass on Sunday.
Contact person: Fr. Patrick / Fr. Christof