Theme: The Quest for Meaning

Why do some people manage to implement even difficult-to-realize life plans, but others do not? What does it take to be successful and happy? Are talent, external life circumstances and lucky coincidences decisive, or are there other factors that are more important? We have been inspired by a documentary film: Soulsailer – you can watch it on Youtube. There are some suggested questions to deepen and reflect on the film and on your life.

Far too often we are so busy with our day to day activities that God’s voice can be drowned out. And perhaps we cannot find – or do not make – enough time or space to cut out the interference so that God’s message can be heard more easily. The Day of Recollection provides us with the opportunity to do so. On this day we can take a time out from our daily routines, our occupations and preoccupations, in order to create space so that we can hear God’s voice again. It is a time to help us “stay on track”, or more often than not, to help us “to get back on track” if we are off it.

The day is usually dedicated to one specific subject or theme, with a speaker or a leader who guides us and gives us things for us to think about during this time. There is ample time for personal reflection as well, because the construction of our identity and the molding of our sense of being is a task which never ceases. And we do not grow towards the outside, we have to grow on the inside, and create a center where all things unite.

Based on the feedback and reactions of past participants, the Day of Recollection has been a valuable opportunity to look inside ourselves, to grow and to renew our personal relationship with God, as well as to strengthen our bonds with other members of our community.

The community aims to have two Days of Recollection per year. One is in October and the other is during Lent. There is no cost to participants. Registration beforehand is required.

The fall day of recollection is held at Schloss Fürstenried Retreat House (link in German) located near the Fürstenried West U3 U-Bahn station (the end station of that U-Bahn) and the Neuried/Fürstenried West/Solln exit on the A95 Garmisch Autobahn. This year’s retreat will take place on November.

The Lenten day of recollection has been held at various location. Next year it will be at St. Ottilien’s Benedictine Monastery (link in German) near Landsberg. It is near the Lindau Autobahn just before Landsberg and about a ten minute walk from the Geltendorf S-Bahn Station.

Contact people: Sabina and Charles Perry

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