Friends of St. John Berchmans, Religious Community e. V.

A registered association (in German a Verein) has been set up to formalize how we deal with money. This means your weekly donations in the basket and donations intended for charities which the community wants to support.

You can now make your donations by bank transfer whenever you choose. At the end of the year you will automatically receive a tax receipt.

  • Transfer money to bank account “Friends of St. John Berchmans, Religious Community e. V.”
    IBAN: DE14 7015 0000 1006 4881 16
  • All donations will be divided among the projects listed below, however if wish to support a particular charity please indicate this on the transfer

  • Be sure to include your postal address for the tax receipt on the transfer

In accordance with German tax regulations a receipt can be issued if your total donations in a calendar year exceed €200.

For more information about the projects and Charities we support, please check our outreach section.