Welcome to St. John Berchmans, an English-speaking Catholic Community in Munich, Germany. Whether you have lived here for decades, are new in town, or only passing through, please join us for Mass on Sundays!

Knowing JesusAn online retreat for any time of year

by the Ignatian Spirituality Centre Glasgow

Christian tradition believes that the person of Jesus Christ reveals God to us. If we are to follow Christ and imitate him, we need to know him through his words and actions as shown in the Gospels. Walk with us and really come to understand and love Jesus. We will ponder Gospel stories, reflect on their meaning and see how startlingly relevant Jesus is to living a truly human life in the 21st Century.

Yoda Homily by Fr. Godehard Bruentrup, S.J. on Easter Sunday

The famous Yoda Homily by Fr. Godehard on Easter Sunday, please watch it on Youtube

Current Announcements

Please save the date: We celebrate our 50th anniversary on November 20th. We have mass at 12.00 PM in the Aula (Munich School of Philosophy) and a nice get together afterwards. You are most welcome. More details for a detailed planning will follow soon.

There will be a public Mass in St. Ludwig at 15-16 o’clock (from 10th May 2020 onwards). There is limited parking available behind the Church. For more information please check our members’ section. We invite you to send a short bidding prayer for our intercession prayers via email to info@stjohnberchmans.de

Update (Nov 11, 2021): Wearing of FFP2/N95 masks during mass is mandatory. One should always wear one’s mask even when sitting. Children up to their 6th birthday are exempt from the obligation to wear masks (§ 1 para. 2 p. 1 11th BayIfSMV). Those persons who do not abide by this rule will not be permitted to participate in the church service.
Individuals who are not vaccinated, recovered, or tested may attend the service as we continue to adhere to the attendance limit according to the size of the church. But always wear your mask.
Fee per service at St. Ludwig Parish Church. As has been mentioned, we are paying a fee for the use of this church. The fee is €100.00 per service. Every Sunday there is a donation basket on a table at the back of the church. Please support this community expense with your donations.
No public toilet at St. Ludwig Parish Church. There is no public toilet at St. Ludwig Parish Church which is open to visiting congregation members. The toilet near the sacristy is only for celebrants and sacristans.
Where to find important community information:  Information on church services, the prayer list, and volunteer list is available in the members’ section of the website.  This is password-protected.  If you do not know the password, please contact a long-time member to obtain it.
Local and International Outreach: We continue to support our local and international charities. The Missionaries of Charity in Munich, although we no longer support with foodstuffs and sundries, we do provide them with financial support when the need arises. The Refugee Center in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn outside of Munich still needs our continued support. The Small Home in Kenya is one of our International Outreach Projects that requires financial support on a recurring basis. If you would like to make a designated donation to any one of these charities, please drop your donation in an envelope that identifies the charity and place it in the donation baskets placed at the rear of the church.
Next Mass: Sunday, November 28, 2021 at 15:00
Celebrants:  Fr. Patrick Zoll, S.J.
Reader: Sue
Eucharistic Ministers: Flavia and Samantha
Ushers:  Robert and Rebi
Door Keepers: Renee and Daniel
Volunteers Schedule (Member Section)

Mass Schedule:
Sundays: 15:00

Holy Days:

All Masses in St. Ludwig, Ludwigstr. 22, 80539 Munich

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Other English Masses:
English Community:
16:00, Bürgersaalkirche
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