BPSG – Bible, Prayer and Soup Group

A weekly Bible discussion group (often including a pot-luck dinner) hosted by Peter and Heidrun on Tuesday nights

To know God better and love Him more…

Heidrun and Peter have held a weekly Bible and pot-luck at their flat for well over ten years now, and it has gone through many changes of format, depending on the participants. There is usually a good mix of nationalities and backgrounds, and all are welcome to relax among friends, be themselves, ask any questions they like, and speak their minds without fear of censure. All are free to take up or leave the opinions offered, but never to condemn the speaker or his/her views.

Currently the meeting is on Tuesday evenings and the format is roughly as follows (except for the 8 pm start all times are approximate):

From 7:45 pmGuests arrive and help themselves to hot and cold drinks
8:00 pmPrayer for those on the community prayer list
8:05-9:30 pm We work from missals and take as our basis the readings for the coming Sunday. We normally start with the First (the Old Testament) reading, then the Psalm, then the Gospel and then, time permitting, return for the Second (Epistle) reading. In each case, someone reads it aloud, then we explain any vocabulary for non-native English speakers, plus the historical background if known. After that there usually follows a lively discussion based on either previous experiences of the contents, the commentaries available, or ideas for applying the lessons learned in our daily lives. The overall goal is simply to know God better and love Him more, and to make His presence tangible in loving fellowship and hospitality.
9:30 pmClosing prayers and song
9:35 pmSetting table and preparing for supper
From 9:45 pm onwards
(but no pressure to stay)
A simple pot luck supper, usually starting with a soup prepared by Peter and bread and whatever people have brought along. Heidrun usually makes sure there is some kind of dessert (though this is less elaborate during Lent)
11:00 pmEnd – to give Heidrun and Peter time to clear up and get to bed at a reasonable hour

If you are interested in coming along, contact Heidrun or Peter at the following number (has an answering machine):
Munich +49.89. 3207114