Welcome to St. John Berchmans, an English-speaking Catholic community in Munich, Germany. Whether you have lived here for decades, are new in town, or only passing through, please join us for Mass on Sundays!
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Preparation for Confirmation The 1st meeting will be Sunday, 4 September, after Mass in the Coffee Area for candidates and their families. Two important planning dates: The weekend retreat for Confirmation candidates is the first weekend in March, 2017 - 3-5 March, 2017 - at the St. Ottilien Abbey; the Confirmation Ceremony will be during Sunday Mass, 23 April, 2017. This is the Sunday after Easter and is during the Easter school break. For further information please contact info@stjohnberchmans.de
  Next Mass: Sunday, July 31, 2016
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Celebrant Fr. Andreas Gösele, Fr. Christof Wolf
First Reading Baptism
Second Reading Baptism
Coffee set-up Baptism
Coffee clean-up Baptism
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Sundays: 10:30
Holydays: 10:30

All Masses in the community chapel, Kaulbachstr. 33

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English Community:
  Sunday, 10:15, St. Bonifaz
  Sunday, 18:00, Kreuzkirche

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