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The Community currently supports two long-term projects in the Munich area, and various special projects on an annual basis.
  Long term projects
Refugee support - Caritas Alveni

Especially considering that many members of this Community have come to Munich as immigrants, we feel a special bond with other immigrants in the city. While we often come here by choice and with many options, others - especially refugees - do not.

We have been working together with one particular group, which has changed locations with the policies of the Bavarian govenrment over the last several years. At the moment this group is in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn. Here we have invested both time and money to make the refugees' lives in Munich more bearable. Events such as our Soup Sunday in Lent or our collection of Christmas presents for the children during Advent help to support this group.

For more information, visit the Caritas website (in German).

If you would like to contribute or donate individually, please contact either Derry Godden or Silke Müller from Caritas before making any donations to ensure that it can be directed correctly.

Parish contact: Derry Godden

Missionaries of Charity - Soup Kitchen

The Missionaries of Charity is the religious order founded by Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Here in Munich the Sisters operate a soup kitchen in Sendling: Plinganserstraße 22 (Map), Tel.: 089-776281.

The Community collects non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, and other necessities every Sunday at Mass for donation to the soup kitchen. In addition, the Sisters are always willing to receive cash donations, or occassionally clothing.

For more information on how you can contribute beyond the Sunday collection, please contact Marie Lancaster.

Parish contact: Marie Lancaster

  Special projects (2013)

In 2013, the Community has decided to concentrate its efforts on the organizations that we support on a long term basis. For this reason, we will support the Missionaries of Charity not only with food and clothing, but also with a cash donation to support their general needs.

  Special projects (2012)
Refugio München

Refugio Munich support people who have been driven from their homes by torture, political persecution, or violent conflict and live in exile in Germany. The word 'Refugio' is derived from the Latin word 'Refugium' which means place of safety or protection.

The organization especially supports refugee children. These children experience both the violence and the flight into exile more intensely than adults. Their ability to deal with this experience is crucial to their ability to adjust and accept support here in Germany. Refugio is the only integrated support group for traumatized refugees in Munich.

For more information, please visit the Refugio website (German only).

Parish contact: Sabina Perry

BISS - Bürger in Soziale Schwierigkeiten

BISS is a 'street newspaper' sold by currently and recently homeless citizens of Munich. It is the oldest and most successful of such newspapers in Germany, selling 38,000 copies each month. Of the currently €2.20 sales price, the seller keeps €1.10 directly. The newspaper, while important, is only a means to an end - supporting the homeless. As a result, the production of magazine is kept simple.

The organization behind the magazine supports the homeless in a variety of ways, including individual support for each of the newspaper sellers to help them reintegrate themselves into society.

For more information on the organization, or for information on how to donate, please visit the BISS website (German only).